Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning: More than Money

Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning: More than Money

Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning: More than Money

I’m a published author!

Advisors Growing as a Community (AGC) is the #1 online collaborative community for financial advisors. And I mean that quite literally. One year ago, 30 members came together with the goal of writing and publishing a book… TOGETHER!

We believe that the probability of success—personally and professionally—can be dramatically improved by collaborating with like-minded peers. This book is a prime example.

I’m excited to be a part of this incredible group of financial advisors sharing real life stories of how we personally helped clients pursue their passions through comprehensive financial planning.

Our primary goal with this book was to make an impact……an impact on households around the world and the financial planning profession.

In this compilation you’ll find stories about a couple nearing retirement, only to hit an unexpected roadblock, to a successful transfer of a family business, and of course, my chapter…

From Listening to Action: Baby Steps to Navigating Widowhood

As many of you know, serving as a financial guide and resource to widows is a personal passion of mine. I couldn’t be prouder to share my experiences to better help widows trying to rebuild their lives after the loss of a spouse.

Do you ever find yourself feeling overpowered by money?

Each chapter includes a collection of personal anecdotes meant to empower like…

The power to work and to play.
The power to change and to preserve.
The power to celebrate and to grieve.
The power of family and of independence.
The power to give and to receive.

If you’re looking for the financial confidence to live
your best life, then this book is for you.

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